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CP360 for TWS v.s. CP1025 for TWS

CP360 for TWS v.s. CP1025 for TWS

Many of you have found out that we recommend both CP360 and CP1025 for some true wireless earbuds(TWS). And in some scenarios, we even advertise both of them designed for TWS. Now it’s the time the question would pop out in your head: What is the difference between them? 

This article is to solve this question! 

Before we start,  I would like to confirm that the CP1025 mentioned here is the same as the pack for AirPods Pro and for Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro and Jabra 85T. We designed CP1025 to fit the adapter to Airpods Pro in the first place and didn’t know we designed a fabulous model that fits so many other earbuds! 

However, if you would like to use CP1025 on either AirPods Pro, Galaxy Buds Pro, or 85T, you still need the adapters. CPA1 for AirPods Pro and CPA2 for Galaxy Buds Pro and 85T.

OK, now let’s get back to the main subject. We’ll start with the designs between them two.

From the product image, I believe you can see how they are different in design. CP1025 is much shorter than CP360. Not long ago, most of the true wireless earbuds’ charging cases are deep, which gives the ear tips more space to stay in. Of course, you know I’m not saying now all true wireless earbuds all shrink their charging cases. For those earbuds that keep deep charging cases, CP360 truly is their best mate. I guess that’s why CP360 is our top best seller.

Recently, I’m sure you’ve noticed some of the major brands adjust their design of the charging cases, such as Jabra. There’s a very good benefit of it, which is you can carry your earbuds everywhere. So if your earbuds’ got a very shallow charging case, CP1025 would be a better option because they are short and small enough to stay in the shallow charging cases. Of course, there is totally no problem if you’d like to use CP1025  on earbuds with normal charging cases.

However, please note here, since CP1025 is very short, pairing with CP1025 will make the earbuds closer to your ear canals. The sound will technically become louder.

Please note here, since CP1025 is very short, pairing with CP1025 will make the earbuds closer to your ear canals. The sound will technically become louder.

Let’s take look at the second infographic. You can see the actual products. The materials are both high-quality medical-grade silicone. Medical-grade silicone is widely used in SpinFit products because it have be proven to be able to reduce allergic reactions. If all other ear tips always give that uncomfortable itchiness, you should really give our ear tips a try!

Although CP360 and CP1025 are made of medical-grade silicone, they still are different in the outer layers.

CP360 is a bit thicker which allows the noise isolation to upgrade to the next level and also gives you a very comfortable wearing experience. On the other hand, CP1025 is very thin just like you can see through them. The thinness and softness make them sit super extremely comfortably in your ear canals. A good mate for long-time wearing.

Last but not least, I know some of you don’t really fancy the colors. We receive emails or Instagram messages once in a while asking why not make them all black? But why not see it this way. When you put them into your ear canals, you can’t see anything!! LOL

Hope you’ll find this information useful. Of course, wearing experiences can be varied because YOUR EAR CANALS are sometimes quite unique! 

If you have other questions, don’t be shy. Just ask away! 






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