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You call yourself an audiophile? A tip-roller? Then you gotta check out what's new at SpinFit! Newest releases and information on SpinFit earphone tips.

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FiiO has announced 7 new products at the FiiO 2019 Spring Launch Event on the 16th of March. One of the product is the "FH" series IEM that every audiophiles have been waiting for, the all-new Flagship 5-Driver (1DD + 4BAs) Hybrid In-Ear Monitors FH7.




  The 5-Driver Hybrid IEM of the company with 4BA (Knowles DFK+ SWFK) and a 13.6mm beryllium drivers. It has some interesting additions over the FH5 such like 3 pairs of Sound Tuning Filters Bigger and a Bigger Dynamic Driver. What’s more, the IEMs will also feature 3 sets of SpinFit silicon ear tips for the first time. We all know that the quality and the design of FiiO's IEM are undoubtedly amazing and sophisticated, and SpinFit aims at giving you the best listening experience with a tight seal, optimal sound isolation, and extreme comfort. This perfect audio combination will not let you down.






FiiO FH7 this time is not only provided 3 pairs of interchangeable sound filters, LC-3.5C 8-stranded high-purity silver-plated OCC cable and also 15 regular ear tips with 3 different sizes of SpinFit CP145 in it. I'm sure all audiophile know how important it matters to have a pair of good quality ear tips which compatible with your IEM. SpinFit CP145 allows you to have long last comfort without any ear irritations, this little thoughtful gadget will provide you an enhanced audio experience.



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