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How to Choose your SpinFit

Hi guys, 

I believe you’ve had this experience that holding a pair of earbuds/earphones but just don’t know which SpinFit model you should get. Here is the official guide for everyone. Of course, if you have further questions about the steps, just give us a shout via “Contact us”. Now you can upload photos, videos, or links to youtube videos on the “Contact us” page!

00:00:08 Let’s take Sony WF-1000XM4 as an example



00:00:12 Step 1: Try the Stock ear tip and check your size



00:00:23 Step 2: Remove the stock ear tip and measure the nozzle diameter



00:00:48 Step 3: Check SpinFit size chart and check the range they can fit



00:01:08 Step 4: Check the size measurements on the size chart



00:01:28 Important note



See more SpinFit: linktr.ee/spinfiteartips

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