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Should you upgrade?

Should you upgrade?

SpinFit CP100+ Ear Tip Review vs Old Models |Earphoneus Fanaticus

Did you know SpinFit released an updated version of the CP100? I sure as hell didn’t until SpinFit contacted me again for another review! Seeing how similar the first two iterations were aside from comfort, I wasn’t really expecting much when I accepted the review offer. But lo and behold, I did notice some subtle yet unexpected differences. If you have the older models already, are the CP100+ worth getting? Let”s find out!

0:00 Introduction
1:06 What is SpinFit
2:23 CP100+ on first glance
3:36 Overview of past versions
6:11 CP100+ physical changes
7:42 Test setup
8:18 CP100+ vs 2nd gen
10:56 CP100+ vs OG
13:06 Conclusion

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