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The First Pioneer Design-W1

New Release-The New W1

On 15th July, we launched the New W1. Let’s see W1’s features and why it’s called W1!

Features :

  • SpinFit Patented 3D Axis — Allows the ear tips to swirl in your ear canal.

  • Medical-grade Silicone — Reduce allergic reactions. 
  • Double W-shaped core —

    Outer softer silicone keeps SpinFit signature comfy wearing experience.

    Inner harder silicone makes W1 more stable when installed on earphones.

  • Sound Performance —

    W1 gives extended treble and bass. The movement of the music flow can be easily heard, as if you are in the presence where the music is recorded. 

Recommend Earphones for W1:

  • Multiple drivers and big dynamic driver earphones.
  • W1 fits perfectly on big and heavy earphones due to the stability the design gives.
  • Compatible with the same earphone groups as CP145.


    Contour: XO; SONY: IER-Z1R; Campfire Audio: Vega, Holocene;

    AKG: N5005; FiiO: FH7; Sennheiser: IE80, IE 800, IE900;

    Ultrasone; Ultimate Ears; Vision Ear, etc.





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